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Have you ever wondered why you feel pain and sorrow deep within? There is always a reason even though each one is from a different cause.
This is my story on how I found my pain and released it.
How the release has healed my life and relationships.
I have always felt like I was being persecuted and have never been able to trust anyone.
When you come from a dysfunctional family and can't even trust your own mother or father how can you trust anyone else? I have had three marriages and numerous relationships.
My marriages were of three different types of men; different backgrounds, different age groups, and races and all I learned was when you need to change your relationship drama you must first heal yourself.
I had many messages of late that I needed to release my past in order to move on.
I have struggled trying to figure this out for the past two years.
We attract to ourselves people to teach us what we need to change about ourselves.
We attract our mirror.
About 2 1/2 months ago I met a man by accident.
Because it wasn't planned, internet, or a bar I thought it was meant to be.
I tend to fantasize a lot about love and make it a romance novel only to be hurt once again.
This was different in the sense that on our first coffee date he told me he could see deep pain in me through my eyes.
He was a major challenge for me because the chemistry between us was very strong.
Although we were connected in a positive way, I was completely consumed by him.
He was in my thoughts 24/7.
It was suffocating and at times very frustrating.
He also started bringing out bad memories from my childhood which created strong feelings of hurt, pain, and grief.
I couldn't figure it out.
I was receiving messages to release my past and to trust and was still lost.
Then at 3 am I woke up and realized everything.
It was the most powerful spiritual healing I ever had.
I knew why he came into my life.
His presence along with my analytical mind got me to realize that all my trust issues was what created all my pain and heartache in my life.
What I learned was the trust that I lacked was from my childhood and not the relationships that I had.
Those issues filtered down to every single relationship; my family, friends, children, employers and men.
After this release, it felt as though 50 lbs had been taken out of my body.
Because of this release, we were able to come together again with a fresh new start and continue our relationship at a higher level.
I now wake up every day feeling love and excitement instead of carrying the load of past hurt and pain.
My purpose of sharing this experience with you is in hopes that I can help you too.
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