Filing an Emergency Petition

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    • 1). Consult legal aid. Complete online research and speak to a bankruptcy lawyer before completing the voluntary petition. The bankruptcy lawyer will help you understand the voluntary petition form.

    • 2). Complete the voluntary petition. On page one, fill out your contact information including your name and address. Check the box for "individual" or "married" filer, then check the box for the intended bankruptcy chapter you will be filing. Check the filing fee box for up-front payment, and choose if there will be money left to pay unsecured creditors.

    • 3). Continue the voluntary petition by completing page two of the petition. Enter your contact information and enter any previous bankruptcy filings. If you have a business partner, include the contact information of your partner. On page three of the petition, enter your name, then sign and date the form and have your partner do the same.

    • 4). Complete a mailing list of creditors. Include the account information and any property that remains in your possession.

    • 5). Complete an individual debtor statement of your Social Security number.

    • 6). Complete the Credit Counseling requirement. Obtain proof from the counselor that you complied with the credit counseling requirement.

    • 7). Complete a statement of the top 20 creditors.

    • 8). Submit payment to the court to cover the filing fee.

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