Whiplash Claims - Knowing Where You Stand

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Unfortunately whiplash claims have become synonymous with people trying to get compensation that they do not deserve.
The reason this is so unfortunate is that it discourages many people who have genuinely suffered from whiplash from claiming the money and treatment they are entitled to.
The vast majority of whiplash claims result from a road traffic accident.
This means that whiplash claims usually come as part of a larger claim, including vehicle damage.
Whiplash can come in many forms.
Sometimes you can feel it immediately and sometimes it does not show itself for a few days following the accident.
It can also be of varying seriousness depending on the severity of the collision.
Though whiplash can take a few days to show symptoms, it is still very important that you go and see a doctor immediately after an accident.
This means that the doctor has a full picture of your injuries immediately following the accident.
If later on you develop further symptoms then you should go and see your doctor again.
This statement of your injuries by your doctor will be the most important factor effecting what compensation you are entitled to.
Whiplash claims that are caused by road traffic accidents must be dealt with as part of a single claim.
This means that you must do all the things that you would ordinarily do following a car accident.
You must phone the police if necessary, get photos of the accident as well as trying to find a witness to the accident who might be willing to testify in your favour.
Sometimes whiplash claims need to go through the courts to decide what compensation must be paid, and by whom.
If this is the case then you will need to find legal representation.
Often cases like this are decided on a no win, no fee basis.
This means that you will not pay any legal fees if you do not win the case.
When choosing your legal representative it is important that firstly, they have extensive experience in cases very similar to yours, and secondly, that they are local and have a good reputation.
Whiplash can be a very painful injury which can greatly inhibit your mobility.
It can also cause a lot of physical and emotional pain.
If you genuinely feel that you have whiplash due to a road traffic accident or any other accident which was not entirely your fault then you are entitled to make a claim.
Using the whiplash claims procedure is not you being greedy, it is simply designed to award you the necessary money to receive the treatment you need and to compensate you for your pain and inconvenience.
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