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I tend to work out in spurts...
I work out really hard for a few weeks and then I tend to slack off for a while.
Recently, I decided I needed to get back into better shape again (for ski season) and started doing some very brief kettlebell workouts.
I was interested mainly in trying some different ways to help reduce my lower back pain and scoliosis, and I decided that maybe if I just clean and pressed a kettlebell and held it overhead for a while, one side at a time, that might do me some good.
I started out on the first day with the 36lb kettlebell, and that went just fine, holding it overhead for about a full minute on each side.
The second day I did I repeated the exercise, but then I decided that I would try it with the 54lb KB as well.
It wasn't too much trouble, until I decided I should lower it to shoulder position doing a slow negative.
Bad idea.
It didn't feel like I really hurt myself, more of a twinge than anything else, but a couple of days later...
I could barely move my left arm (that's my weak side).
My arm felt better after a couple of days, although it was still bothering me, and I had to lay off for a while to make sure my arm/shoulder healed and I didn't aggravate it.
So, here's a reminder that even if you could lift at a certain level previously, it doesn't mean you can lay off for a month and then just go right back to the same level.
The funny thing is that if I had just waited a week before tackling the bigger kettlebell, I probably would have been fine.
Be careful out there.
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