Is He Into Me? The Signs That Tell You It"s For Keeps

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If you have been going out for nearly two years now and everything is just doing fine, should you really ask yourself is he into me? If you the type of girl who just would not be satisfied unless it is slowly said to your face.
Or you are simply too stubborn and elected to be blind to see his efforts, well here are some of the signs that tell your pretty little slow head that this relationship is need for keeps: •He never forgets your birthday.
He never forgets the date of your anniversary.
Or your mother's birthday.
Or your dad's.
And he does not forget the day you guys met and fell in love.
And he does not forget the smell of your hair, what you were wearing the first time he saw you.
•He brings you your favorite flowers every chance he gets.
•He says I love you several times.
•He makes you feel beautiful.
•He tries to cook your favorite dishes and he enjoys doing so.
•He is friends with your dad and older brother.
•You r mother and grandmother simply adores him.
•He goes shoe shopping with you.
•He is loved by your girlfriends.
•His friends think your cool.
•He lets you drive his car.
•He sends you sweet messages through text.
•He asks you how your day was and he really listens.
•He lets you cry and does not say anything he just holds you until you stop crying.
•He lets you vent your frustrations.
•He lets you play with his PS3/X Box.
•He makes you laugh.
•He supports your interests.
•He encourages you all the time to pursue your dreams and to not let any one stop you.
•He believes in you.
•He does not shy away when you want to watch old sappy movies.
•He gives great back rubs.
•He plans for your future together.
•He includes you in his dreams.
•He dreams about you.
•His parents adore you.
•His sisters are friends with you.
•He lets you hold the remote control.
Now the above examples are not to be take quite literally because it is rare that a guy would be able to do ALL those things.
But if your boyfriend fits in at least four of the above signals, then the answer to the question is he into me? Is a definite yes.
Be realistic in your qualifications however, nobody is perfect and that includes the men that you are with right now.
Do not demand that he do all the things listed here.
If that happens, you can expect two things to happen.
He can either break up with you or he would rather be gay.
So make sure that you are thankful that he makes you feel special and loved in his own little way.
Cheer up you are certainly the lucky girl.
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