5 New World of Warcraft Stuff As of September 2008

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There is a constant flow to the addition of new World of Warcraft stuff.
Almost every month, they add more and more new stuff to keep online players entertained.
The latest additions now have a theme that corresponds to the upcoming Oktoberfest.
It's another good example of how computer games will sometimes reflect real life.
Here is the list of 10 new World of Warcraft stuff: 1.
) Binary Brew When picked up, it binds.
It is a weak alcohol but it is, in terms of brewing technology, a complete and utter triumph.
It was added in patch 2.
4 and has a cool down time of one second.
) Dark Brewmaiden's Brew Like the binary brew, it binds when picked up.
The player should drink this before the Brewmaiden throws you another drink.
This was also added in patch 2.
4 3.
) Blue Brewfest Stein This fills your Brewfest stein at a Brewfest stein keg.
It has a speed of 2.
50 and inflects .
8 damage per second.
The character needs only one hand to handle this weapon.
) Filled Blue Brewfest Steins This weapon has many variations.
All of them have a 5 second cool down time frame.
The Brewfest steins also need just one hand to be controlled efficiently.
It is a sample of the following: + Gordok Grog + Small Step Brew + Jungle River Water + Thunder 45 + Barleybrew Clear 5.
) Great Brewfest Kodo Summons and dismisses a very fast and rideable Brewfest kodo.
It requires a level 60 and Riding which is 150.
Expect it to cool down in 3 seconds.
So the player can use the following World of Warcraft stuff to their advantage.
Just be sure you are ready to handle them.
Some newbies may not be able to enjoy some of the stuff; they will just have to level up quickly.
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