How to Tell If Your Gold is in Quartz?

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    • 1). Look for cracks and lines, patches or nodules of gold set within the quartz as those are the most likely places you will find gold in quartz. The gold will appear as yellowy streaks or smudges that will stand out in the rock, especially if the quartz is a lighter color. According to Glendale Community College in Arizona, "Gold is golden yellow when pure but silver lightens its color and copper tends to make it redder."

    • 2). Look closely at the color of the rock surrounding the gold. It is easy to spot gold in quartz's pure form because it contains only the compound silicon dioxide, which is white.

    • 3). Hold the rock to the light and move it around to reflect the light rays. Minerals have a property called luster, which is a measurement of how it reflects light. White quartz, when polished, will be silky with a milky sheen. The gold will glint in the light in both the crafted and raw forms.

    • 4). Ask a jeweler, if you are still uncertain, for their expertise in determining whether there is gold is in your quartz.

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