Investing In Continuous Personal Growth Is Your Key To Life Success

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There are a number of places where you and I can put our money.
They include, but are not limited to: -stuff, -toys, -education, -travel, -looking younger, -looking more successful, -things that we hope will impress others, -savings, -investments, -bills, -our kids, -food, either at home or out.
There are others, but I have made my point.
Which ones in the above list will contribute to your ability to improve your lifestyle as you pass from one year to the next? They are: savings, investments, and education.
Which one of these three will improve your chances of improving the other two? Education, investing in yourself.
Many people think nothing about spending thousands of dollars a year on clothes, cars, meals, entertainment, their hair, their toys, and so on.
Many of these same people would like to be able to afford better restaurants, clothes, and toys, but they fail to realize that the one tool that will permit them to do that is their mind.
Any investment you make in yourself--in your skills, abilities, or attitudes--will return itself 100- or even 1000-fold over time.
The ideas you receive that can contribute to your ability to improve your lifestyle--whatever that means to you--are with you forever.
Last night's meal is gone, history.
We only get to rent food temporarily.
Ideas we get to keep and use again and again.
How much have you invested so far this year on improving yourself vs.
going out to dinner or entertainment? Over 35 years ago, when I was fired by a major insurance company, I made a decision.
I would invest 10% of my time and 10% of my income every year in personal development.
I know that as long as I continue to invest in myself, I will always be able to convert those new or refined skills into cash.
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