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If you build it, they will come, right? Well, when it comes to your music social media pages, building it may not quite be enough. When you've got a burgeoning music career, you can't expect your social media pages to perform quite the same miracles as the pages of established artists. There are, however, things you can do to make your social media pages very valuable commodities for your music career. These 4 tricks for building your online profile of as a musician will get you started.

1. Promote Your Pages at Your Shows

When you're on-stage, you've got a perfect opportunity to promote all kinds of things. Some musicians generally hate to take time in their sets to do things like say, "visit our merch table!" or "join our mailing list!"," - but you really should do these things - AND, you should tell people to join you on your social media pages. In fact, in this smartphone age, you can ask people to go and friend you, like you, follow you, what have you, right on the spot. You can even make a game of it. Tell your audience to upload photos of the show, and between your final song and encore, pick and favorite and give away a prize.

Your shows are such an important part of building your social media profiles that it is worth tracking. Check out your numbers before a big show and again for a few days after to see what kind of bump you get. If you're not seeing much movement, you know you need to do more.More »

2. Keep It Fresh

It should go without saying that your social media pages should be updated often so they don't get stale. Mix it up between posts that are specifically designed to promote a particular project and posts that give a behind the scenes look at you.

Now, don't feel like you have to share every part of your life with your fans to have a worthy social media page. Some people are big sharers - or even over-sharers - by nature, while others a lot more private. That is OK. Forget the choruses that fans want complete and total access to their musical heroes online. What they really want is an authentic experience. Let your personality guide how much and what you share about your personal life.More »

3. Make It Active

When it comes to social media activity for musicians, the key word is ACTIVITY. Your pages will be a lot more engaging for fans if you give them an active, rather than passive, experience. Instead of just giving them a long list of updates, do things that make your fans interact with your pages and each other. Run contests, ask questions, offer downloads - get creative and do anything you can to keep your fans doing more than just reading your page.

What's the point of all of the activity? It breeds activity. Your fans will tell their friends, their friends will get curious, and your audience base will keep on growing.More »

4. Narrow Your Network

Yep, there are tons of social media outlets for musicians available. You have to be on them all, right? Well, not so much. In fact, having too many social media profiles can actually just confuse things and water-down your promotion efforts. Instead, spend some time figuring our which networks are favored by your fans, and focus on those.

You should also work on using the networks that make sense to you. Don't really understand Twitter? Then don't use it. Hate logging onto Facebook and seeing all of those updates? Skip that network. Don't believe that you won't be able to make it in music if you're not active on this network or that one. The point is to use what works for you and that you can use well. That will give your fans the best possible experience.More »
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